dj flack:

DJ Flack (AKA Antony Flackett) specializes in producing his own form of Abstract, experimental hip-hop music, most of which involves the arranging of beats, samples, and scratches on his home computer. His source material ranges from live instruments and vocals to bizarre snippets from obscure children's records. His first solo recordings were featured on the Toneburst Collective compilation CD released in 1998. His CD entitled Dispenser, is his first full-length solo release.

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eoss (electro organic sound system):

EOSS makes experimental-electronic-dance-music. In 1995 EOSS bagan as outlet for dub influenced electronic sound-scapes. In 1996 EOSS' critically acclaimed debut CD, "Herbanism," was released on BlissRecordings.

Herbanism received reviews like these:

"Exploring ambient, drum and bass, funky breakbeat, and dub, C, AKA Jake Trussell, gives props to the Orb, King Tubby, and Boogie Down all in one breath. It's nice to see so many influences at work..." -URB

"It's great to hear excellent domestic electronic music that covers a lot of ground without sounding forced... Electro Organic Sound System reminds us not to forget those Americans currently mastering the art of noise." -Alternative Press

EOSS' second full length album, "Roots Wreck Remix," was released in 2000. The WIRE magazine described it as "fibrous Jungle and post-Orb dub overlaid with grainy electronics."

The Boston Globe describes Electro Organic Sound System as: "groundbreaking musical experimentation."

EOSS has done remixes for Hrvatski, DJ Flack, and Moosaka, and has appeared on compilations with artists like Thurstin Moore, Jim O'Rourke, Fennesz, Push Button Objects, Kid 606, Thievery Corporation, DJ Olive, and DJ Wally, as well as performing at events with the likes of: Lee Scratch Perry, Mad Professor, John Madeski, Slick Rick, Souls of Mischief, Saul Williams, -Ziq, Photek, Carl Craig, Shinehead, DJ Spooky, WE, Tube, Anti Pop Consortium, Delta 72, Peaches, Chicks on Speed, Orb, Thurstin Moore, Kool Keith and others.

In addition to the 2 full-length CDs, EOSS has also released two, 12" vinyl EPs: "Roots" and "Wroller Wreck." "Roots" includes the Hrvatski remix of "Carrot."

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toneburst collective:

Bubbling up from Boston's underground durring the late '90s was a loose-knit collective of DJs, electronic musicians, and video-and installation-artists called Toneburst. More carnival than rave or concert, the crew's productions mixed experimental beats, video, and performance art in unorthodox spaces. One event, called "Junk," featured jungle DJs and punk bands feverishly trading 20 minuet sets, with free rice and beans, interludes of spoken word and political puppet theater, a live pirate radio broadcast, and, like every Toneburst night, the 7-hour production cost only $5. Lush video projections and otherworldly installations would complement the sonic and social experimentation typical of a Toneburst party.

The Toneburst Collective compilation CD on BlissRecordings is an audio snapshot of the crew's musical explorations. The sounds reflect Toneburst's fierce eclecticism., strolling from lackadaisical hiphop to chronic jungle paranoia with plenty of detours into dubtronic territory. Open your ears with DJ Flack's abstract hiphop bolstered by sale-bin samples. Next up, Embryo chants down Babylon with skittering drum 'n bass and oversized beats, /rupture brings dark dirt back to the jungle, and Oajamoj delivers down tempo hypnotica. The crew continues as Mike & Stu revive the raw, edgy energy of free jazz into a darkside format and Spool's drum 'n space machinations spiral into overload. Closing out the compilation, Scuzzy & ESP lay down cozy blankets of bass in sharp contrast to the acidic wreckstep of Electro Organic Sound System.

Here's what the critics had to say:

"With this comp Boston stakes a claim as a hotbed of experimental drum & bass activity. [The Toneburst crew shows] that American junglists are gaining ground on their British counterparts." -Alternative Press

Paper Magazine cites Toneburst as part of a "brooding underground waiting to explode."

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