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"with this comp boston stakes a claim as a hotbed of experimental drum & bass activity. (the toneburst crew shows) that american junglists are gaining ground on their british counterparts." -alternative press paper magazine cites toneburst as part of a "brooding underground waiting to explode."

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the aptly named toneburst collective are a gathering of djs, electronic musicians, and video & installation artists from the boston underground. from experimental downtempo abstractions and squishy pulsations to slaughtering jungle beats, this 14 track disk has it all. tracks build from otherworldly excursions which swirl around your eardrums through to breakneck d&b then slowly wind down like dying batteries in a walkman to ooze nonsensical vocals, elegantly constructed electronic ambience and computers going haywire.If you'd like to take a trip without packing any bags, then seek this out. (sharee) -www.junglevoodoo.com

"toneburst collective has an incredibly cohesive, though varied sound. All I'm left wondering is how did these guys learn to feed mushrooms to thier computers?" -decontrol magazine

"toneburst has picked up from where the illbient scene was last noticed, and has moved it toward an eclectic sound that easily transcends tha former." -exp magazine

"boston's sleeping giant is no longer asleep" -digital artifact magazine

bubbling up from boston's underground is a loose-knit collective of DJs, electronic musicians, and video- and installation-artists called toneburst. more carnival than rave or concert, the crew's productions mix experimental beats, video, and performance art in unorthodox spaces. A recent event featured jungle verses punk, with free rice and beans, interludes of spoken word and political puppet theater, a live pirate radio broadcast, and, like every toneburst night, the 7-hour production cost only $5. Lush video projections and otherworldly installations complement the sonic and social experimentation typical of a toneburst party.

this compilation CD is an audio snapshot of the crew's recent musical explorations. the sounds reflect toneburst's fierce eclecticism., strolling from lackadaisical hiphop to chronic jungle paranoia with plenty of detours into dubtronic territory. open your ears with dj flack's abstract hiphop bolstered by sale-bin samples. next up, embryo chants down babylon with skittering drum 'n bass and oversized beats, /rupture brings dark dirt back to the jungle, and oajamoj delivers down tempo hypnotica. The crew continues as mike & stu revive the raw, edgy energy of free jazz into a darkside format and spool's drum 'n space machinations spiral into overload. closing out the compilation, scuzzy & esp lay down cozy blankets of bass in sharp contrast to the acidic wreckstep of electro organic sound system.

something new is happening in boston, and these sounds are merely a symptom...

toneburst collective is the second of three releases on bliss. electro organic sound system's debut cd "herbanism" and 12" ep "wroller wreck" are also available. the toneburst collective cd is now available by sending a $12 check or money order ($8 + $4 shipping and handling), made payable to "bliss recordings," to the following address:

bliss recordings
516 east 2nd st. #36
south boston, ma 02127

track listing:
dj flack - last call canyon
embryo - babylon
electro organic sound system - percussive waves (/rupture's sand in the sampler mix)
ojamoj - sicherheitshinweise
mike and stu - hundreds of them (all over the place)
dj flack - apollo hank funk
/rupture - broken beats
spool - red/blue
dj flack - glue hawaii
ojamoj - googly
dj flack - vortex pully
scuzzy & esp - slopyard
electro organic sound system - one sound becomes many
dj flack - melancholy path

that's over 73 minutes of deep dubtronix-inflected wreck stepping instrumental beatz for your listening enjoyment.

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toneburst web: http://toneburst.com
email: c@toneburst.com